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Thank you for visiting and great you’re looking to turn your daily exercise into some crucial cash for BIGG Welcome. We need to raise £9000 to welcome and resettle a refugee family so anything you can do to help us through this challenge would be truly appreciated.

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The Challenge 
  • Run, walk or cycle

  • Pick a distance

  • Pick a timescale

For example, run 30 miles in 30 days; cycle 50 miles in 15 days; walk 20 miles in 20 days. It’s totally up to you.

Once you’ve decided, simply pick a start date and off you go. You could use Strava to keep track of your distances or the back of a cereal packet. We won’t be checking.

But, and here’s the important bit, please tell your family, friends and colleagues what you’re doing and see if they will sponsor you.

Go on: Challenge yourself and ask them.

Sponsorship options
Simply send round our Just Giving Pages with a note of what you’re doing and ask them to sponsor you via that. It’s our crowd funding page and you’ll see other fantastic donations already on there.

Bank transfer/cheque: If you’d like to make a donation from your challenge and don’t wish to use our Just Giving pages please just email us at and we will be delighted to give you our bank details or cheque options.

Unfortunately, we are unable to receive funds from individually set-up Just Giving pages, but our BIGG Welcome page is friendly and likes receiving donations. And it is, of course, up to your sponsors whether they leave you a message on our pages, but we would love to see them if they wish to.

Actually, it would be great to hear from you anyway if you are taking up this challenge as we can support you with further details on what we are currently up to, what we need the funds for and our plans for the next few months so please do drop us a line.

Thank you

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